Alpine ambience and an experience for the senses

€ 149,-- für Zwei

Doppelte Zirbenpower - zu Zweit

In der Dampfgrotte werden SIE und ER mit dem harmonisierenden Duft der Zirbe verzaubert. Nach einem reinigenden Meersalz - Zirben - Peeling ...

€ 104,00

Relaxing aroma oil massage

€ 72,00

Sporty mountain massage

You have spent all day hiking the mountains and now your muscles are in need of pampering. You need more than just a massage. The classic ma...

€ 35,00

Head and facial massage with pine stone oil

Head massage with pine stone oil, relaxing and vitalizing30 min for € 35,–

€ 78,00

Alpine herb stamp massage

Delightfully fragrant alpine herbs promise a relaxing treatment from the beginning. Indulge in this effective full body stamp massage during...

€ 32,00

Full body honey peeling

A gentle peeling for the entire body with honey massage milk and mountain crystal salt by alpienne. Acts antibacterial and nourishing due to...

The sound of life

The Dalai Lama was asked what would surprise him the most.
He answered: "The human because he sacrifices his health to earn money.
Then he sacrifices his money to regain his health."

Be cared for, forget the everyday life, address every sense: Important needs which recede into the background in the stress of our everyday life. Tension, exhaustion and irritability signalise – it's time to take a deep breath.

€ 68,00

Sound bowl massage

A feeling as if tingling movements were flowing through your body.Deep relaxation is achieved fast because this sounds appeal to the basic t...

Free for Bergland guests

Dreamy sounds

Every Monday at 15:00 o'clock the „sound time“ takes place at Bergland.A harmonizing sound experience in the herb sauna will let you di...

€ 45,00

Sound bowl evening for two

The magic of a wonderful herb garden and gentle sounds turn this bath into a special experience. After the sound time you can enjoy a glass ...

Massages from all over the world

Comfortable, relieving oils caress your body, your muscles loosen and you dive into an unique state of relaxation. Leave your everyday life behind and enjoy the treatments. Go on an adventure journey and discover the most exiting and relaxing regions of our earth.

€ 68,00

Hot stone massage - hot stones with history

Hot stone massages promise a pampering program for body, mind and soul, a conjunction of energy work and full body massage, combined with th...

€ 102,00

Hot & cold stone massage

In addition to the relaxing and hot basalt stones, also cold marble stones are used. This method promises a particularly circulation-promoti...

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