Bergland Hintertux

Leg and calf massage

Leg peeling and refreshing massage
Duration: 40 minutes
Price: € 46,–

Massages at a glance

€ 31,00 or 52,00

The classic massages

Full body massage Duration: 45 minutes Price: € 52,–  Partial body massage Duration: 25 minutes Price: € 31,–

€ 58,00

Special neck treatment

This combination of a classic massage to relax the muscles, a moor mud pack for better blood circulation and a lymph drainage to detoxify th...

€ 58,00

Head massage with ear candle treatment

This massage strengthens the nervous system. Tension in the scalp as well as stress and nervousness disappear. Additionally to the head mass...

€ 32,00

Bio-release massage

Tension in the face and neck area are relieved and by doing this the exchange of oxygen is activated. Recommendable to ease headaches, ...

€ 46,00

Leg and calf massage

Leg peeling and refreshing massageDuration: 40 minutesPrice: € 46,–

€ 30,00, € 49,00 or € 85,00

Lymph drainage - immune-strengthening and detoxifying

The manual lymph drainage is a special form of the classic massage. The goal is it to engage the lymphatic detoxifying. By gentle, extensive...

€ 46,00

Classic feet reflex zones massage

Through the feet the whole body is treatedDuration: 35 minutesPrice: € 45,–