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€ 32,00, € 62,00 or € 98,00

Lymph drainage - immune-strengthening and detoxifying

The manual lymph drainage is a special form of the classic massage. The goal is it to engage the lymphatic detoxifying. By gentle, extensive...

€ 45,00

Classic feet reflex zones massage

Through the feet the whole body is treatedDuration: 35 minutesPrice: € 45,–

€ 104,00

Relaxing aroma oil massage

€ 72,00

Sporty mountain massage

You have spent all day hiking the mountains and now your muscles are in need of pampering. You need more than just a massage. The classic ma...

€ 45,00 or € 87,00

Fango package

Aids blood flow, relaxing and detoxifying. The metabolism is engaged and you'll feel extraordinarily fit again. Recommendable in conjunction...

199,- €

Food-tolerance test

You want to increase your vitality and gain more energy?With the ProNutri food-tolerance test the positive as well as thenegative effec...

16 minutes for € 22,--

Magnetic field therapy and infrared

Treat your body to relaxation andregeneration though pleasant warmth without sweating with infrared.Combined with the magnetic field therapy...

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enspannung wellnesshotel bergland
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