Bergland Hintertux

Beauty from the Alps

„The art of beauty is to make it seem like a smile.“

When the active substances and forces of the Alps meet your skin will absorb that thankfully.

Put your wellbeing in the careful hands of our cosmetician. Individual consultation with visible effects out of 100% nature.



In the product line ALPENRAUSCH the concentrated nature forces of mountains and valleys are contained. Plant-based extracts of Alpine classics in connection with activating essences of wild herbs. Experience a stroll through a sea of flowers with alpine scullcap, arnica, gentian, edelweiss, wild mallow, alpine rose, eyebright, butterfly bush, lime blossoms and many more. Each treatment includes consultation, skin anamnesis, product selection, deep cleansing, eyebrow correction, active ingredient ampoule and a relaxing face- and neck-massage as well as a finishing care.

€ 98,--

Gathering superb strength

Special facial treatment for demanding skin with anti-aging regenerationIntensity with the strength of alpine essences. Get to know your fac...

€ 98,--

Feeling alpine origin

Special luxury treatment with anti-aging routine for demanding mature skinLuxury with the sources of rejuvenation. Dive into the recovery of...

€ 82,--

Feeling sparkling energy

Special facial treatment for dry and sensitive skinActivate your skin with the spirit of the Alps. Experience the dynamic way the herbs crea...

€ 82,--

Experience murmuring mountain springs

Special facial treatment for dehydrated skinRefreshment with the vitality of wild streams. Indulge in the effective alpine recipe of purenes...

€ 82,--

Breath pure mountain air

Special facial treatment for oily and blemish-prone skin Delight for your skin with a hint of a gentle breeze of mountain air. Have your fa...

In connection with a facial treatment € 21,--

Alpine moments

Ideal for the tired and stressed eye area. The skin is nourished with an alpine herb complex which is injected to the skin with a special ey...

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alpenrausch dr spiller kosmetikbehandlung