Tyrolean pinewood sauna 90°C

With special infusions, a special relaxation experience

The pinewood sauna truly lives up to it's name, already when entering a hot scent of pine mixed with essential oils flows towards our sauna-lovers. Due to the special infusion furnace the aroma of the high-quality oils unfolds and mixes with the unique scent of the pinewood. Additionally the pine calms the pulse and provides relaxation and calmness. After a refreshing cool down our pinewood relaxation-room promises a heavenly time on the well-tempered waterbeds.



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zirbensauna zirbenholz aufguss
Tu deinem Leib etwas Gutes,damit deine Seele Lust hat, darin zu wohnenTeresa von Avila

Tu deinem Leib etwas Gutes,

damit deine Seele Lust hat, darin zu wohnen

Teresa von Avila