Spacious relaxation rooms at the wellness hotel Bergland

Let go and enjoy the moment

klangschalen meditation klangaufguss

Dream sounds in the dream time

Every Monday at 15.00 o'clock the "sound time" takes place.

A harmonic sound experience in the herb-sauna will let you immerse in the world of vibrations. Afterwards you will be caressed by gentle sounds during a very special sound-meditation in the pinewood relaxation room.

Pinewood relaxation room

In the Pinewood relaxation room the unique and comfortable scent of the queen of the Alps, the pine, is dominating. The wonder-tree from the High Alps is an important indicator for people and the climate. Additionally the well-tempered waterbeds with the cosy, soft blankets provide a genuine Alpine character and safety.

The proven effect of pinewood on our body

  • Reduced heart rate on 3500 pulses less per day
  • Provides deep recovery, prevents sleeping problems
  • Did you know, that you do not feel sensitivity to weather changes in a pinewood-bed?
Pinewood relaxation room

Homey relaxation room

Homey relaxation room

Beautiful wall-paintings let you dream in this homey atmosphere and have a special effect on your creativity. For a refreshment in-between you can find a vitamin- and juice-bar with fresh seasonal fruit and dried fruits. Relax with calming music and candlelight.

Cuddling oasis

Alone or in twos retreat in our Cuddling oasis. Comfortably reading a book or just closing the eyes and thinking about something nice. Our Cuddling oasis is the right place to enjoy.

Cuddling oasis

In der Ruhe, liegt die Kraft