Tips for your health

Helpful advice

  • Regular endurance training strengthens the circulatory system and activates the blood flow.
    Smovey-Walking – is especially gentle on the joints.

  • Say goodbye to varicose veins - Aqua-Fit is the best vein-gymnastic. Due to targeted movements the healing effect of the water is used.

  • Reduce the risk of injury - Sports massage, Warming up before doing sports and stretching after sports.

  • Regeneration - Whoever is active in sports needs enough time to regenerate.
    Tip: Sauna and relaxation-exercise support the body's regeneration.

  • Trim down the pounds - Regular movement and natural foods instead of starving without an end.
    Tip: Fruit for breakfast and vegetables for dinner activate the fat metabolism.

  • We need liquid - Daily 2-3 liters pure water help to transport contaminants and toxins out of the body.

  • Tired? Iron and folic acid are responsible for the transport of oxygen. Soybeans, sunflower seeds, wholegrain products and green vegetables help to kick start the body again.

  • Backpain? Through targeted, regular back-training you can strengthen the muscles and stretch shortened ones. Tip: Back-school
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