Activity program

Do your body some good and with this also your soul

At Bergland diverse activities are awaiting you to refuel your energy-reserves.

Use the nature as an "open air" fitness center. Our active landscape offers excellent opportunities for everyone to exercise healthy sports. In addition, the healthy, fresh air strengthens your immune system and stimulates body, mind and soul. (The programs take place outdoors or in the fitness center depending on the weather)


Our activity program during the whole year:

  • Strengthening the whole body with Natural elements (wood, stones, water ...) (summer)
  • Body perception and sensory perception
  • Balance and coordination training
  • Forest rally for more endurance and fitness (summer)
  • Sound - Mountain - Wings free
  • Functional training
  • Stretching
  • Relaxation and Come down exercises
  • Core - stabilize
  • Circuit training
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Fascination training
  • Belly, legs, buttocks
  • Zumba
  • Piloxing
  • Aerobics
  • Sound meditations
  • Soundbowl infusion with following meditation in the sauna
  • Smovey Walking - movement based on the model of nature
  • Smovey AQUA

Our activity program in the summer

Our activity program in the summer

  • 5x weekly guided hikes in different grades of difficulty, to the most beautiful places, huts and summits in the Zillertal with hearty snack on the mountain
  • Tour on the climbing route
  • 1x weekly herb-hike with Anni Stock
  • Sunrise-tour with summit breakfast
  • Our legendary mountain breakfast with family Stock
  • Guided biketours with our Outdoorguide Paul
  • Kneipping in the romantic Tuxbach
  • Smovey Walking at a wonderfully set up path along the Tuxbach
  • Varied sports and activity program

    Our activity program in the winter

    • Our secret tip: „The first track“ at the mountain, with our Skiguide, once a week being the first one in the skiing area and leaving a track on the newly prepared slopes or in deep snow.
    • High altitude safari - a powder day for good skiers
    • Family day in the ski area
    • 5x weekly Skiguiding with Paul
    • Cross-country-skiing and skating on the well-prepared track directly at the hotel
    • Snowshoe-hiking with the qualified nature-guide Anni
    • Romantic lantern-hike to the Tuxer mill
    • Social tobogganing-evening with stop at a rustic hut with following tobogganing on the illuminated track directly to the hotel
    Our activity program in the winter