Mountain Breakfast & Sunrise tour

Legendary and unique

Breakfast in the idyllic Tuxer moutains

While Anni spoils the guests with fresh egg dishes and Zillertaler delicacies are Martin and Franz making music. Afterwards you can go kneipping in the mountain stream, biking with our bikeguide or just walking to the next pasture. Our legendary mountain breakfast always takes place in the warmest months July and August.




bergfruehstueck bergland musizieren
fruehstuecken speck wurst regional berg
bergfrühstück käseplatte
bergfruestuehck spass genuss

Sunrise tour

When the summit is reached the nature spectacle can begin

while the valley is still sleeping

Usually early rising during a holiday isn't demanded. But once you should get up at 4.30 and experience a sunrise hike and see how nature awakens and the golden light reaches the first mountain summits. It's worth it. This scene is to be describes with only a single word: Breathtaking.



.Ein Tag Leben ist wertvollerals ein Berg Gold.


Ein Tag Leben ist wertvoller

als ein Berg Gold.