Tips about mountain hiking

Adventure world mountains – Desire for mountain air – Hiking to your heart's content

  • Hiking in our altitude makes happy and supports health sustainably (AMAS Studio of the University of Vienna)
  • If you never hiked before: Start with 2 hours and slowly increase the hiking time and furthermore: You're going to be excited by the fascinating mountain world.
  • In the spring but also in the summer different weather in the mountain and the valley is common: once it's warm, then it's cold. When it's cold again the best circulatory system training is a hike.
  • Hiking strengthens the heart, activates blood flow, prevents vein problems, improves the respiratory system and activates the natural immune system. For this purpose you should be active for 3 hours 3 times per week.
  • A study of the US-heart-association has shown: Who hikes a minimum of 3 hours per week can lower his risk of stroke and heart attack.
  • 20 minutes of hiking can stop a beginning migraine-attack.
  • When you swing your arms around while hiking you burn 650 calories per hour – 50% more than without swinging the arms.
  • Whoever talks to oneself while hiking and talks his anger away is in a better mood faster.
  • And you can break down stress optimally, strengthen the spine and improve your breathing.
  • Hike only in solid shoes that are soft and comfortable inside and that support the foot. New shoes should be worn at home first so that your feet can get used to them.
  • When hiking you should carry as less as possible. And if you have something with you you should arrange it evenly in a backpack.
  • Use two hiking sticks during every hike. Due to that knees and ankles are relieved. You can rent walking sticks for free.
  • Wear loose, comfortable and breathable clothes.
  • On sunny days you should not miss hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • At the end of a hike you should let your body cool down. Walk at a slow pace for a time. Afterwards we recommend going to the sauna or a warm, relaxing bath.