"What is blooming there...?"

...about the magic of the forest...

With hand, heart and lived tradition getting to know nature again

Since 2011 hostess Anni Stock shared her knowledge as a nature guide and herb educator with her guests. From homemade cough syrup to tasty herb spread or a pleasant health tea, Anni always has a fitting recipe and helpful advice. Experience once a week this love to nature and discover during the unique herb hike the long forgotten "delicacies at the wayside". The nature is waiting for you to discover and internalise it. Due to the aromas of the many essential oil such a discovery is a true fountain of youth and supports us when trying to calm down.



In den kleinstenDingen zeigt die Naturihre allergrösstenWunder.Carl von Linné

In den kleinsten

Dingen zeigt die Natur

ihre allergrössten


Carl von Linné