The TUX Worlds

Discover the natural paradise of Tuxertal

Discover the new adventure worlds which expand on several stations throughout the whole Tuxertal. Unforgettable adventures for big and small explorers are guaranteed. On every station you can experience a different world, from the rich live on the meadows and in the forests to the mystic of the eternal ice.
The children and parents are joined by the well-known guide Luis.
And these exciting topics are awaiting you:

  • The "Nature world": Explore the wonders of the moors and pastures with all your senses. Starting point is at the Finkenberger Almbahnen along the moor nature trail...
  • The "Animal world": Presented by Luis himself because even in the numerous mountain streams tiny creatures are living...
  • The "Water world": One of the most wonderful and important elements here in the Tuxertal, spring fresh and with impressive force this worlds presents itself.
  • The "Gletscherflosafari": At the Sommerbergalm, the question rises what comes first, a cosy rest at the Sommerbergalm or solving the riddles of glacier fleas, ice crystals and the nature. (The treasure map is available at the valley station and children up to 10 years are transported to the Gletscherflohpark on 3.250m for free.)


The wonders of the pastures and moors...

tux welten übersicht lageplan


Oh, who's crawling there?

tux welten tierwelt lageplan übersicht


From the hovering tap to the waterfall swing...

tux welten wasserwelt übersichtskarte lageplan


Children up to 10 years are transported onto 3.250m for free

gletscherflosafarie  lageplane hintertux