Wine from Austria

Wine country Austria, small but successful due to a stark identity

Small but fine – that is Austrian wine in comparison with international wines. A rare specialty. Wine from Austria currently ranks among the most interesting phenomenons of the wine-world: It is to be found on every good wine-menu, it's valued by wine-experts and praised by journalists – and it's not uncommonly spoken of an Austrian wine-wonder.

But what is it, that makes wine from Austria this special? There are many reasons. The interplay of all factors ensures the unique quality-boom of the last decades. Significant is the wine-tradition: The roots of Viticulture on Austrian territory reach back thousands of years. Vines are part of the scenery, the culture and the everyday life. In this context the typical types of wine of Austria are to be seen, of which many of them are only common in the native wine-growing regions. There they have in combination with ideal climatic and geological conditions the best premises for authentic, unique wines with character and personality. All of that is required but it also needs the person behind it. The Austrian winemakers made a connection between wine-growing tradition and contemporary processing technology over the last few years. Unconditional quality is the motto – and unconditional success was the result.

In Austria an area of approximately 46.000 ha is farmed. This currently plantet area is considerably under the possible limit of 60.000 ha! 2 trends can be seen: The vineyard-area has decreased over the last 10 years. A further reduction of the number of facilities counterparts with an increasing company-size. The number of companies has reduced from 45.380 in 1987 to 20.181 in 2009. That is an indicator for the further professionalisation of the sector. 

Opposite to the international trend Austria is presenting itself originally, characteristically and naturally shaped by family businesses. The international trend is commercially, industrially, technically shaped by concerns. Considering all this points the Austrian wine-growing has the best chances of being successful on the market.

A new wine-menu is provided. From ripe Riesling, world-class red wines to beautiful sweet wines from Austria and the Bordeaux we offer the right wine for every taste.



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