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The herbs and plants of the Alps give the milk

it's healthy and rich aroma

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On the meal plan of our milk cows is standing, what mother nature serves, the colorful diversity of more than 50 different kinds of grasses and herbs is what our cows like just as much as the green gold of the Zillertal – fresh hay as far as the eye can see. Thats the reason why all our haymilk products have incomparably good taste and unique aromas. Whether on the generous cheese plate, the haymilk yoghurt or the milk in the coffee, at Bergland you can only find haymilk of purest quality.



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Alpine dairy Zillertal

From the region, with the region and for the region, that's the motto of Heinz Kröll and his sons Christian and Heinrich. Due to the close partnership with the Zillertal mountain farmers and the alpine dairy Zillertal a row of regional foods like high-quality haymilk, cheese and everything from the goat results in accordance with nature. With the "Erlebnis-Sennerei" the family company is ahead of it's time and gives you the opportunity to experience the whole cycle of the development of the high-quality foods in one place. A new highlight is the demonstration farm.



"Es geht uns um das Bewusstsein,woher unsere Lebensmittel stammen und wie wir mit Ihnen umgehen."Heinz Kröll von der Sennerei Zillertal

"Es geht uns um das Bewusstsein,

woher unsere Lebensmittel stammen und wie wir mit Ihnen umgehen."

Heinz Kröll von der Sennerei Zillertal