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Splendid Twosome Moments

Flickering candle light, sensuous scents and romantic music profoundly touch your heart while the soothing treatments create memories that will stay with you and your beloved forever ...

Romantische Partnermassage und Honeymonn im Romantik Hotel Bergland Tirol
Cream at its Best
Twosome Time
Tux Hay Bath for Two
Le Caribic

A sharing "walk in the woods" for two

The newest highlight in the Spa Wellness Hotel Bergland:

Starting with a mystical meditation:
"Feel, smell and experience with all your senses."

After this wonderful match both become a partner - stamp massage. At the end of the treatment you will enjoy an extended period of rest exclusively with fine ingredients from nature and a special tea ceremony.

120 minutes of pampering at a price of € 144 (for two people)


Gemeinsamer Waldspaziergang, Partnerbehandlung im Romantik Hotel Bergland gemeinsame Jause und Tee Zeremonie mit Stempelmassage und Meditation
A special secret...

Cream at its Best

UNBEATABLE only at Bergland!
An unforgettable treatment is GUARANTEED as both partners take part actively. First we start with a soothing face, head and lower neckline massage. Then it‘s up to you to spray fresh cream on your bodies and massage it into your skin together with a revitalizing coconut peeling. Afterwards we continue with a wonderful bath for two, followed by gentle strokes and a silk stamp massage with coconut oil.

During this program you have plenty of time for cuddling, feeding your beloved with fresh fruit or sweet delights – accompanied by a glass of fine sparkling wine.

Special tip: don‘t forget to bring your camera!

120 pampering minutes for two / € 184


Le Caribic

A truly outstanding exotic experience for two. Enchanting Caribbean scents for HER & HIM in the steam grotto are followed by a clarifying sea salt peeling and unique relaxation in the whirl-tub. Afterwards you enjoy a sensuous, aromatic slow-stroke massage applying tiare oil or other essential oils extracted from coconuts, vanilla pods, lilies and avocados. At the end of the treatment cuddly moments await you with a Caribbean cocktail and sweet fruits.

90 pampering minutes for two / € 149


Twosome Time

Überraschung mit einer Partnermassage zu den Flitterwochen im Romantikhotel Bergland Tirol

Pleasant fragrances and gentle sounds accompany you during a rose petal and vanilla essence bath. We serve a gourmet snack together with a glass of fine sparkling wine. The ultimate highlight is a wonderful partner fullbody massage.

90 pampering minutes for two / € 159


Tux Hay Bath for Two

In a rustic and highly romantic ambiance you enjoy the scent of hay and a pleasant feeling of warmth – in the hay bath and the four-poster bed. Followed by a resting period and a fine glass of sparkling elderberry wine.

75 pampering minutes for two / € 99


Hamam Ritual

Far away from time and space you indulge in the unique flair of Arabian Nights. Oriental-style bathing culture is waiting for you. A perfect combination of steam bath, body peeling, soap foam cleansing applied on the Hamam shrine (warm stone lounger) and purifying affusion. At the end of the program your body is pampered with essential oils and plenty of cuddling

For couples: 90 pampering minutes / € 123
For one person: 60 pampering minutes / € 83


Partner Massage

Relaxing full-body massage for two

45 pampering minutes for two / € 104


Unsusual bathing fun

<a href="en/spa/spa-treatments/bathing-fun.html" target="_self" class="internal-link" title="Also for the pleasurable senses HERE
">Also for the pleasurable senses HERE

Packages for Two

Deeply in love – Pamper program
„Darling, slip into your bathrobe and come with me“

  • Champagne rendezvous under the starry sky
  • Cream at its Best - treatment for two
  • Partner massage, 45 pampering minutes

3-day program for 2 persons / € 294

Time for you – Time for me

Sometimes together, sometimes in separate rooms. Two measure-made programs for two ...

  • Le Caribic treatment for couples, approx. 90 min
  • Neck special for HER and at the same time
  • ManSPAce facial for HIM, approx. 60 min
  • Neck special for HIM and at the same time
  • Special face treatment for HER, approx. 60 min

3-day program for 2 persons / € 357

Outdoor-Sole-Whirlpool im Wellnesshotel Bergland in Hintertux Zillertal Tirol
Champagner rendevouz
Druckansicht Hotel Bergland